Apple's Vision Pro: The Pinnacle of Luxury in Headset Technology

Apple's Vision Pro has taken the crown as the most expensive headset compared to similar devices from other technology companies. Priced starting from US$3,499 (Rp 54.7 million), and requiring a whopping US$4,500 (Rp 70.4 million) to bring home the complete package, the figures far surpass the price of Meta's Quest 3 at US$499 (Rp 7.8 million) and Quest Pro at US$999 (Rp 15.6 million). It's even more expensive than the original iPad and iPhone, priced at US$499 after adjusting for inflation.

Interestingly, the original price of the Vision Pro was significantly lower, albeit still more expensive than other devices. This is because the sophisticated headset is equipped with expensive components. Research firm Omdia estimates the bill of materials for the device to be around US$1,542 (Rp 24.1 million).

This amount only covers the cost of materials, excluding research and development, packaging, marketing, and Apple's profit margin calculations for selling its new device.

The Vision Pro's display is also quite costly, with Omdia estimating it to be around US$228 (Rp 3.5 million) per unit. It's important to note that Apple requires two screens per device.

According to CNBC International, these screens are positioned in front of the user's eyes. The Vision Pro utilizes 1.25-inch screens from Sony Semiconductor.

These screens are crucial components of the headset, allowing users to view each display in a more realistic manner. CNBC International notes that the Vision's screens boast vibrant colors and high pixel density, manufactured using advanced techniques.

Sony Semiconductor declined to comment on CNBC International's findings.

Even Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg praised Apple's display, stating, "Apple's screens have higher resolution and are very good."

The exorbitant price of the Vision Pro may deter some consumers, but for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury and cutting-edge technology in headset devices, Apple's offering stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the industry.

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